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Accessorize Your Porsche Just in Time for Summer


Porsche Accessories | Braman Porsche

There are some things in this world that are so beautiful that they don’t need any adornment. The most beautiful woman in the world, for instance, could walk around without makeup wearing a potato sack and would still be regarded as absolutely, stunningly gorgeous. The Porsche is similar. It’s the type of car that is so beautiful that it doesn’t need any adornments to turn heads. But just because it doesn’t need any adornments doesn’t mean that Porsche accessories aren’t on your shopping list this summer!


The fun news is that there are tons of ways to accessorize your Porsche. Let’s start with entertainment. If you don’t already have the Rear Seat Entertainment package that comes with some Porsche specials than getting a fantastic entertainment system for the rear of your car is definitely a must. This is the perfect way for kids, no matter what age, to be able to travel long distances without parents having to listen to whining.

New floor mats are also fantastic Porsche accessories. Mats can take a beating during the summer months when people are jumping in and out of your Porsche with sand and dirt on their feet. New rubber mats are fantastic for helping to keep the interior of your Porsche pristine.

Another great way to glam up your ride is to accessorize yourself. There are tons of fantastic apparel options. Imagine stepping out of your Porsche wearing a branded tank top or t-shirt? Porsche apparel is the perfect way to show how deep your love of ingenious German engineering.

This summer, take time to enjoy the beautiful weather, but don’t forget about all of the fun Porsche accessories that you can purchase to make every ride even more enjoyable.

Speed Into Spring with the Porsche 911 Carrera

Porsche 911 Carrera | Braman PorscheThere’s something about the winter months that makes just about everyone feel tired and sluggish, even if you live in a part of the country that doesn’t deal with snow and ice. Once spring arrives, the need to get out and enjoy the fresh, sweet-smelling air arises. You start to see the roads littered with motorcycles and high end sports cars, like the Porsche 911 Carrera. But how can you make the most of your Porsche this spring?

Fortunately that’s not a hard question to answer! The new Porsche 911 Carrera is, quite simply, a beast. Oh don’t get us wrong, it’s a gorgeous, glorious beast. But it definitely has the heart and soul of a vicious creature, making it easy to find new ways to enjoy the vehicle during the spring months. As soon warmer weather hits, it’s time to bring the Carrera out of the garage. Once it’s been checked over and the fluids topped off, take that baby out on the road!

The best way to not only enjoy the new Porsche but to also keep the vehicle running in tip-top shape is to take it on a nice long drive. Short drives are fantastic but it’s definitely good for the 3.0 liter 6 cylinder engine to be fully run out, and a nice long drive will allow the engine to get completely clean. Find a long stretch of road, a route that you can stay on for a few hours without having to get off, and go for a drive!

While you likely won’t want to hit the almost 200 mph this engine can put out during your drive, if you have a secure place and a long stretch of road it’s fun to prove that the car can hit 60 mph in around 3 seconds! This spring, take your Porsche 911 Carrera out for a nice, long drive to clean out the engine and enjoy the scenery and knowing how much power you have under the hood. And if you don’t have one, remedy that situation immediately with a trip to your trusted Porsche dealer!

Are You a part of the Club? Don’t Miss Porsche Events!-Porsche West Palm Beach

Porsche Cars| Braman Porsche West Palm Beach

Have you heard of Club Braman yet? If you’ve purchased or leased Porsche cars from the Braman Porsche West Palm Beach location, then it’s definitely something you should be checking out. Not into clubs you say?

You may want to reconsider that stance.

Club Braman provides you with dozens of different activities and possibilities throughout the year. Many of these activities relate to Porsche cars, such as new car unveilings and taking your Porsche to the track in order to see what it can really do, whereas others simply provide you with excellent entertainment, from stunning fashion shows to exciting sports events.

But joining up with Club Braman is more than just the events themselves. They’re also a fantastic way to do a number of other things. Porsche Braman loves to give back to the community, and many events are designed to do just that. With the help of Club Braman members, funds can be raised for any number of charities, bettering the world a little at a time. Many events also include the entire family, so you’re not venturing off on your own and leaving loved ones behind. Braman is about helping the community, and that means bringing people together.

If you love your Porsche cars, then it’s an ideal group as it gives you the chance to meet new people who share the same interests. More technical events can provide you with information as well, from driving at top speeds to maintenance tips and discovering technical advice.

You can check out the Braman Porsche West Palm Beach website in order to discover more about Club Braman. It can give you insight into what the club does, what events are hosted, and much more. Or you can contact the representatives at Porsche Braman and ask about the club directly. If you’ve already purchased a car from Braman, you should be automatically included in the club. If you’re thinking of buying, then perhaps Club Braman could be that final tick in your “Buy” column.

Drive into Spring with Style – Porsche Lifestyle Accessories-Braman Porsche

Porsche SUV | Braman Porsche West Palm Beach

So you’ve got a Porsche SUV and now you’re looking to give it a bit of added punch. Or perhaps you’ve considered buying a Porsche SUV and are seeking additional features to make it even better when you finally buy. Spring is definitely a great time to get some add-ons as it gives you plenty of time to install and then even more time to enjoy. You can talk to the experts at Braman Porsche about ideas, or simply look at some of the Porsche parts they offer on their website to get an extra kick of inspiration.

Start with a performance muffler. These add some of that growl to your engine when you give it a good revving. Installation is easy, but you’ve got to really love the noise because some mufflers really take things to the max.

Spoilers are still in, and there are a lot to choose from. Colors, shapes, high, low, there’s something for every Porsche car. Bonus points come in the form of less wind resistance – which translates into less drag and ultimately less gas.

Make your car into a low-rider. Lower suspension means better handling as well as some eye-catching power. Just keep in mind the current state of the roads you presently drive on, as well as speed bumps and other uneven surfaces. With the lower design, it could mean damage, so stay smart!

These are just a few of the Porsche parts and concepts that you can apply to your current or future Porsche SUV. Always remember that whatever changes you make are best handled by people who work on Porsche cars. Braman Porsche offers maintenance and body work for Porsche cars, ensuring that you have someone to go to once you make your spring parts decisions.

So – what’s your hot new spring pick?

Meet the 2016 Porsche Black Edition Lineup- Porsche 911-Braman Porsche Dealer

Porsche Lease | Braman Porsche of Palm Beach

Porsche knows how to keep us interested. From their huge range of models, colors, and features, sometimes the simplest things are best in life. The Porsche 911 family – including the Carrera and Carrera 4 — is going totally obsidian, inside and out, from black leather interiors to jet-black paint on the outside.

Of course, Porsche doesn’t do something without doing it full out. From the “Black Edition” logos embedded within the door sills to the Porsche logos embroidered on the head rests – by hand, no doubt – everything speaks to this as a Porsche specialty in ways that only Porsche can do. Talk to any Porsche dealer, and they’ll nod knowingly when you mention the Porsche Black edition. It’s hard not to stay abreast of the unique things Porsche does because they do it so well.

Indeed, if the Porsche Black edition were to be tossed into space, the stars would no doubt reflect back off the exterior, rendering it nearly invisible. And in that way, it’s a pretty impressive piece of work. As though Porsche decided to funnel a bit of deep space down from above and paint their cars with it. And any Porsche 911 painted in deep space? Sign us up.

Ask about a possible Porsche lease on this new 2016 lineup. While buying a brand new Porsche is always a thrill, going with the lease option this time can provide you with some great possibilities. It can make for a great way to experience the Carrera first and then, once the time is up, crafting a new Porsche lease on the Carrera 4. Because when you head to your Braman Porsche dealer for a taste, you’re going to want the whole buffet. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with buying a gorgeous black Porsche 911 either.

Decisions, decisions.

New Porsche Auto Tech Accessories for Spring- Braman Porsche

Porsche Car | Braman Porsche of Palm Beach

Spring is coming, and with it, some awesome new accessories to really perk up your Porsche car. But there are so many choices – what do you want the most? Take your time to go over some of the amazing possibilities and the ways that they can enhance your car. From cosmetic delights to turbocharged power, there’s definitely something for everyone. Check the Braman Palm Beach Porsche website to take a quick look at some of the things offered during your search.

If the vehicle you’re looking at doesn’t already come with a camera system that allows you to see any number of angles on your car on a single screen right at your fingertips, then it’s a solid investment. Combining these views with your mirrors allows you to see far more than usual, making it a safer ride altogether.

Ask about the tech already installed in the car – does it have a GPS? Many cars come with this standard at this point, especially luxury cars. But in case the car is older and doesn’t have these capabilities, or the tech isn’t up to 2016 standards, see if an upgrade can be installed for better directions, a more audible voice, and easier touchscreen capabilities.

Movie systems can help if you have younger passengers that could use a bit of a distraction during longer drives. Easily flipped down from the ceiling, you can keep little ones entertained – which translates into silence for you up front.

These are only a few of the things you can add on to your Porsche car. Take some time to look at more ideas, as well as talk to the Braman Palm Beach Porsche experts about other ways to boost your driving experience. Whether you buy your accessories at Braman Porsche or elsewhere, you can always contact the experts at Braman to get them installed by experienced Porsche technicians for the best results possible.

Porsche Macan Leasing Available at Braman Porsche in South Florida

Good Florida Porsche dealers will have a variety of options available to you when it comes to their selection of vehicles. From still stunning certified pre-owned cars to leasing deals to great specials on brand new cars, there’s something for everyone. Braman Porsche in South Florida pays close attention to what customers want, and they make sure to provide a great number of choices so you can find just what you’ve been looking for.

Porsche Macan Lease Special | Braman

If you’ve always preferred leasing and have decided that the Porsche Macan is for you, then you should take some time to look at the Braman Porsche Macan leasing deal. Braman’s leasing specials are always quite impressive, and they allow you to save thousands of dollars over time by enjoying a brand new car while paying less than you would when buying outright. The Porsche Macan has an MSRP of just over $62,000. So why not save a ton of money and then delight in getting yet another brand new car once the lease is up?

Porsche Macan leasing is easy. Right now, you can get a brand new Macan and only put down $3,990. Afterward, monthly payments are at the low price of $599 per month. This particular lease lasts for 39 months and provides you with 10,000 miles per year. As you enjoy city driving in total comfort, this is the perfect way to get from home to work and back again, with a few errands in-between.

This Porsche Macan leasing deal only lasts until the end of October, so it’s important to jump on this deal now while it’s hot. If you have questions, you can simply ask the representatives at Braman Porsche. They’ll be more than happy to answer anything in order to make you feel more at ease and knowledgeable about the Macan, how the lease works, or anything else you want to know.

New Porsche Cayenne Leases | Braman Palm Beach

Find the Perfect Used Porsche For Sale in West Palm Beach

Though you may have always dreamed of a Porsche Cayenne in your possession, you may not have acted on the desire to buy one because of the price. Every Porsche carries a fairly high price tag due to their superior design, engineering, and longevity. In short – a Porsche is well worth the money, but not everyone may have the ability to buy one. However, a used Porsche for sale in West Palm Beach may very well be your answer.

New Porsche Cayenne Leases | Braman Palm Beach

It may seem like an impossible thing – a used Porsche – but they are very real. The truth is that many of them tend to be from lease deals. What that means for you is that you get to save thousands of dollars off a Porsche Cayenne that may have only been driven a handful of miles over the course of a few years. Even better, every Porsche returned to Braman is given an extremely thorough inspection. They must pass every detail that Braman looks at, and any parts that need to be replaced are done so with brand new pieces made by Porsche. There is no substitute – Braman makes certain that each used Porsche for sale in West Palm Beach is as close to brand new as possible.

All of this gets passed on to you. So instead of paying for a brand new Porsche Cayenne, you save thousands and pay for a like-new Porsche Cayenne. In the end, it will be quite hard to discover the difference. Drive down the street and everyone is going to think you’re in a brand new Cayenne.  Even you might forget every now and then that the car you’re in isn’t new! But it’s very close, and in the end that’s what really matters. High quality and great savings.

Check in with Braman today to find the Porsche you’ve always been looking for.

Get the Best Porsche Repair & Service in Palm Beach at Braman

Something you should look for in a Porsche dealer is whether or not they also offer quality Porsche repair and services. This can help you feel more at ease because you’ll know that you’ve always got a good place to go should you ever need to service your Porsche. It also saves you the trouble of finding a reputable Porsche repair place, and then worrying about whether or not they’ll do the job right the first time.

Palm Beach Porsche Repair | Braman

Braman’s Porsche repair and service is always ready to help any Porsche car in need. From replacing parts to handling simple oil changes, there’s no worry about the condition of your car afterward. Each technician is skilled in working with Porsche cars, fully understanding their inner workings and specializing in their parts and design. If you need something simple handled, like a quick tune-up, or something more intensive, such as transmission work, Braman’s Porsche repair and service capabilities will have the job done and done right.

You can schedule times if you need to, or come in and ask about anything you need. You can also check the Braman website for various deals and discounts; there’s almost always something extra available for you to use! Quality Porsche dealer locations will have ways for you to save a little extra on your Porsche services, and Braman makes certain to offer those to you every time.

Don’t take your Porsche to just anyone. You want folks who are certified and skilled to work on your beautiful piece of machinery. Talk to Braman Porsche and discover everything that they can offer. You can rest easier once you know you have a place to go that you can trust.

After all, why go digging through car repair listings and seeing less-than-stellar repair shops when you can simply take your Porsche to the very same trustworthy hands from which you purchased it?

Porsche 911 Lease Special | Braman

We Have the New Porsche 911 For Sale Now!

Driving a beautiful car has always been your dream. Maybe you’re already living that dream by driving a Porsche car. Maybe you’ve finally worked your way up to being able to buy or lease a Porsche. But no matter what the case may be, there is one simple fact that remains: there is a new Porsche 911 for sale right now.

Porsche 911 Lease Special | Braman

Braman Porsche is excited to see these Porsche vehicles arrive at their location, and they’re happy to put out every new Porsche 911 for sale. Letting everyone see these gorgeous vehicles also means watching them slowly leave, one by one, to go drive through the city, over the roads, and who knows? Perhaps even across the state or the country on a grand adventure or road trip. The possibilities are endless for each and every 911 Porsche car.

Visiting Braman Porsche as soon as you can is the best way to ensure that you see every 911 possible and get the prime pick out of all of them. True, every 911 Porsche car is going to be fantastic, but this will make sure you get the color you want, inside and out, as well as any additional fun features you’ve always hoped to enjoy.

Working with the staff at Braman Porsche, you’ll quickly realize you made an excellent choice. Braman works for you in order to make sure you have the car you want and leave completely satisfied. From buying the 911 to deciding to lease one, all the options are available so you can get exactly what you want in the end.

Check out all the possibilities and take a long look at each new Porsche 911 for sale. Make a day of it if you like! In the end, as long as you have a great time and go home with a set of 911 keys in your hand, that’s how you know everything went just as planned.