New Porsche 911 Carrera Unveiling at Trump Golf Club Palm Beach

New Porsche 911 | Braman Porsche

When you have something amazing to show the world, you tend to make a big fuss over it. It made sense, then, that we made a huge fuss over the new Porsche 911. This gorgeous new addition to the Porsche line-up deserved to be announced to the world with a great deal of pomp and circumstance and we, at Braman, wanted to make sure that it was given it’s moment to shine in the sun.

Held at Trump Golf Club Palm Beach, our unveiling was sight to see – and a perk that  Club Braman members could experience. Members were invited to begin the festivities at 6:00 with delicious cocktails to start the evening in the right way. You could hear the “oohs” and “aahs” as attendees watched as the sun began to set with the gorgeous golf course making the perfect picture frame. Against this stunning backdrop, Ms. United States Celine Pelofi unveiled the new Porsche 911 with much fanfare.

Club Braman members had the opportunity to look over the newest addition to the line and were ecstatic with what they found. While they didn’t have the opportunity to test drive it there (any Porsche for sale can be test driven at the dealership), they were still amazed at the new design elements that Porsche included in the new 911.

As the night wore on the guests were treated to scrumptious hor’ d’oeuvres and traditional fire dancing and drumming. But many guests found it too difficult to get out of the new Porsche to thoroughly enjoy the show!

We, at Braman, are beyond happy to unveil this Porsche in such a grand way  and were grateful to be able to share the moment with loyal Club Braman members. We can’t wait for the next Porsche unveiling! Join the Club – and don’t miss a moment.

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