Porsche 911 Ever Smarter Active Suspension Management (PASM)

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The Porsche 911­ is a high performance sports car that has quite a following, and for good reason. Since its debut in 1963, it has come a long way in development and technical design. The new models come equipped with Porsche Active Suspension Management, which makes the ride more comfortable, luxurious than ever.

While Porsches have come with PASM since the 2005 Carrera, it is now Ever Smarter with more advanced technology. Simply put, the the PASM adjusts ride quality based on conditions and your unique driving style. The electronic damping control system continually manages the damping force on each individual wheel for a smoother ride.

Porsche 911 models include sensors that monitor the direction, speed, and acceleration of the vehicle. Sensors collect data and send it to the control unit. This adjusts the Porsche to Normal Mode, which rides on softer shocks, or Sport Mode, which rides on firmer shocks for added stability.  This change reflects your mood– when your terrain is more adventurous, Sports Mode makes the ride more controlled and, naturally, sportier. This data also controls the strategic braking that ensures precision.

Additionally, the next time you turn a sharp corner, know that the system controls for lateral stability– making the quick split-second decision to turn left or right safer and smoother. Adaptive air suspension allows for a sportier feel for each terrain on which you may drive. This ensures even driving conditions no matter what the external conditions are.  And, with anti-slip regulation, you will never thinking twice about an impromptu journey. Think more agile, more comfortable, more you.
If you are shopping around for a Porsche and would like to test drive to see what the Ever Smarter PASM has to offer, Braman Porsche­ has multiple models for you to explore.

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